Clean Energy Coalition Welcomes CarbonFree as their Participant

Clean Energy Coalition Welcomes CarbonFree as their Participant

With much grace, the Clean Energy Coalition welcomes CarbonFree as the Coalition’s participant. CarbonFree seeks to produce proprietary technology and innovations with the main aim of capturing, utilizing, and overall reducing carbon emissions into the environment.

CarbonFree also owns a Sky Mine large-scale mineralization facility in San Antonio, Texas, which began its operations in 2015.

They have patented carbon capture, utilization as well as storage process to capture carbon dioxide originating from a stationary point. It then transforms the carbon into a safe and carbon-free chemical such as sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate for long-term storage.

Their scalable and modular technology makes capturing carbon a reality as they offer an on-site solution using the cost-friendly infrastructure. CarbonFree owns SkyCycle second-generation technology, which offers a complete CCUS solution. 

It helps save the cost of transporting captured carbon and also helps in storage infrastructure. In addition, SkyCycle offers an extremely low penalty technology while offering a profitable solid position.

The Coalition issued the following statement to welcome CarbonFree,

“We at Clean Energy Coalition are pleased to welcome CarbonFree as our most recent participants. CarbonFree is a company that seeks to capture and utilize carbon and transform it into necessary chemicals for customers.With the increasing interest in getting to zero-emissions, in the economy, it will be pretty resourceful to bring new technology such as those produced by CarbonFree as the collation continues to highlight the numerous ways through which carbon management technologies can contribute to the overall mid century climate goals while also producing materials necessary for industrial use and creating jobs in the country.

Juan Ellenberger

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