All members of the Clean Energy Coalition work as a team to achieve a common goal, which is to reduce carbon emissions and help meet the set mid-century climate goals. By reducing carbon emissions, we will help foster domestic energy, support high-wage jobs, and support industrial production by promoting carbon-capture technology.

All our activities meet the set rules, regulations, and guidelines. At Clean Energy Coalition, we seek to advance the already set comprehensive federal policies agendas and actions that seek to;

  • Capture the carbon dioxide as well as carbon dioxide which is emitted from industrial facilities and power plants
  • Encourage the development of carbon removal technologies such as direct air capture, storage, bioenergy with carbon capture, and any other effective advanced technology to help remove carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.
  • Store the captured carbon dioxide in secure geological reservoirs such as gas fields and geological formations.
  • Transport infrastructure by carrying the carbon dioxide from the area where it is captured can be safely stored and used for other purposes.

Focusing Ahead: How We Aim to Achieve Economywide Carbon Capture Deployment

With the set 45Q tax credit, our Coalition is advocating for a comprehensive policy agenda necessary to help commercialize carbon capture technology. Our policy action aims to;

  • Boost the set 45Q credit- boosting it will help guarantee investment certainty. It will also make the business model flexible, thus ensuring effective implementation of the technology.
  • Offer additional tax credits in the federal policies and other deployment incentives to build on the 45Q credit on financing carbon capture technology.
  • Expand the infrastructure financing on carbon dioxide capture, transport, and storage into a broader national infrastructure policy. This move will enable the deployment and storage of carbon dioxide on a large scale.
  • Ensure that benefits derived from carbon capture projects flow to concerned workers and communities through coordinated federal action.