State & Regional Resources

  • State Facts Sheets focusing on potential job creations as well as the economic effect of carbon capture deployment, the Regional Carbon Capture Initiative
  • Carbon Capture and Storage Infrastructure for Midcentury Decarbonization, Elizbeth Abramson, Dane McFarlane, Great Plains Institute, and Jeff Brown University of Wyoming.

Legislation & Policy

  • 45Q Thresholds Backgrounder
  • Clean Energy Coalition Federal Policy Blueprint
  • Storing Carbon dioxide And guide to Lowering Emissions (SCALE) Act Fact Sheet
  • Accelerating  Carbon Capture while Extending Secure Storage (ACCESS) 45Q Act Fact Sheet
  • Direct Pay Design Principles (DPDP) for Carbon Capturing and the Federal Policies 45Q Tax Credit
  • The Carbon Capture, Transport, Utilization, and Storage 45Q Tax Credit Amendments Act Fact Sheet
  • Key to Carbon Management and the Industrial Decarbonization Provisions– 2021 Energy Package.

Regulatory & Guidance

  • Permitting & Primacy for the Secure and Long-Term Storage of Carbon Dioxide: Class VI Wells Fact Sheet
  • US EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program Subpart R.R. & ISO 27916 Standard: Summary of the Roles, Functions, Entities, and Processes by Jennifer Christensen, Great Plains Institute, and Sarah Wade, Wade LLC.
  • Overview: Accounting of Carbon Storage through Enhanced Oil Recovery-Navigating Aspects of EPA’s Underground Injection Control Program and Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program Related to the Section 45Q Tax Credit, Carbon Capture Coalition
  • U.S. Regulatory Programs & the International Standards for Quantifying Geological Storage Through Carbon Dioxide- EOR: A Side By-Side Comparison: Jennifer Christensen, Great Plains Institute, and Sarah Wade, Wade LLC.
  • The Clean Energy Coalition has submitted to the Treasury and IRS three packages of consensus-based model guidance as well as a recommendation on the final regulations for the 45Q credit for carbon dioxide sequestration. The document is in line with section 45Q of the Internal Revenue Code that was recently amended by Section 41119 of Division D of the Bipartisan Budget Act, 2018, Public Law 115-123, 132 Stat. 64,162 aiming to encourage deployment of any carbon capture, its utilization, as well as storage projects.