About Us

About Us

The Clean Energy Coalition is a clean energy company formed by numerous businesses and organizations across the globe. We aim to provide sustainable and economy-wide adoption of carbon capture technologies. 

Our carbon capture technology advancements help:

  • Achieve zero emissions to protect the environment and the globe from climate change
  • Industrial manufacturing and production
  • Provide strength and decarbonize domestic energy
  • Retain and expand high-wage jobs for the population


Our vision is to help protect the environment from carbon emission and pollution. We aim to set the course high for long-term environmental protection and safe energy production.


Company Setup

The Clean Energy Coalition setup includes businesses, service & governance as well as countries. Our members include:

  • Industrial companies
  • Technology companies
  • Energy policy organizations
  • Energy companies
  • Energy and Industrial Labor Unions

Our Values

We seek to act responsibly and cautiously with the future generation in mind. We do this by demonstrating respect, focus while combining initiative and execution. We have a leadership that best inspires our team to give the best in their roles.


We have a people-oriented approach, which is based on openness, collaboration, and trust. All our members enjoy equal chances to be a part of our success.