How Does a Solar Pool Cover Work?

How Does a Solar Pool Cover Work?

Increasing the temperature of pool water can be pretty expensive. As a result, most pool owners would want to figure out a cheaper way to achieve this aim. However, a solar pool cover is one easy way to accomplish this goal. But, how does a solar pool cover work?”

A solar pool cover is designed with thermal bubbles. These bubbles function by soaking the heat from the sun and storing it. They later release the trapped heat into the water, raising the water temperature by about 12°.

This write-up describes the working process of solar pool covers in more detail. Furthermore, we’ve uncovered more relevant information regarding this material, such as the purpose and duration of use. So, read on to learn more.

Purpose of a Solar Pool Cover

Solar pool covers are made from polyethylene plastic and come in different opacities and thicknesses. They are transparent to allow sunlight to pass through them and heat the pool naturally. Also, the solar pool cover offers insulation during winter to prevent the pool from getting too cold.

However, there are multiple uses of a solar pool cover. Most intending users purchase this product for two main reasons. One of which is to increase the temperature of the water naturally. The second and the most common reason is to protect the pool.

Let’s address these reasons in detail.

Protecting the Pool

Several pool owners have found solar pool covers quite relevant to keeping their pools safe and secure. Safety and security, in this case, refer to protection from different objects ranging from just debris to dangerous crawling creatures.

You can also think of a solar pool cover as a cheap way to keep the water clean. Using a solar pool cover, you can limit the regular need to use chemical means of protecting the water. Moreover, with the protection from debris and dust, you may not have to change the water regularly. This also helps to save time and energy consumption.

Increasing Water Temperature

Another notable thing about using a solar pool cover is its ability to raise the temperature level of the water. The good thing here is that it does this naturally. As such, you won’t need to use a pool heater or other water heating means for this purpose. You can cover 90% of your pool with a solar pool cover to generate 10 degrees of heat retention.

With a solar pool cover, it’s possible to raise the temperature of the water by 10℉ to 15℉.

Maintaining Pool Water Level

Have you ever wondered why the level of your pool’s water drops? It’s mainly because the pool is open to the heat from the sun. As long as the pool remains in this state, evaporation will always occur. This is what results in the reduction of the pool water level.

Solar pool covers help maintain the pool’s water level through the material it is made of. Generally, solar pool covers are designed to help users maintain their pools without hassles. Also, they are necessary for keeping the water level at one-half or one-third. This makes it easier for debris to be removed from the pool.

The Working Process of a Solar Pool Cover

Every solar pool cover operates by forming a boundary between the pool water and the air. Placing this material over the pool limits the possibility of continuous evaporation of the water in the pool. This is particularly true given that the pool cover shields the water from the elements responsible for the evaporation. Such elements may include the sun’s rays and wind.

Let’s break down the working process of this material for a better understanding.

  • First, you must be aware that the bubbles that make up the material are thermal. With thermal bubbles comes the ability to attract the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
  • During the day, these bubbles absorb the heat that comes from the sun.
  • They store this heat until it’s dark.
  • The heat trapped in the bubbles is responsible for the pool’s temperature maintenance. This happens as the bubbles transfer the heat to the pool water below, increasing its temperature by around 12°.
  • Generally, the longer the solar blanket stays over the pool, the more effective the result. As such, you will need to use this material as long as the remains are without use.
  • The solar blanket over the pool also functions as an insulator. Through this function, the heat transferred to the water is retained.

Solar pool covers are also vital for prolonging the effect of protective chemicals in the water. This is particularly true since the chances of chemical evaporation are reduced.

So, in a nutshell, here’s what’s possible with a solar pool cover:

  • Evaporation reduction
  • Reduces the number of times protective chemicals are needed
  • Reduced cost of pool maintenance
  • Retaining pool water heat

How long can you leave a solar cover on Pool?

It’s okay to leave your solar pool cover on your pool for seven days without removal. But ensure the solar cover doesn’t stay on the pool longer than this period. This is necessary to maintain the healthy state of the water.

When it comes to how long a solar cover can stay on a pool, it’s more or less a case of safety. Safety in this context refers to the temperature of the water and the protective chemicals in the water.

You’re already aware that a solar pool cover raises pool water temperature. Some experts would advise that the water temperature stays below or not more than 28℃. This is particular to a sanitization system that uses chlorine.


Solar pool cover enables humidity reduction and maximum heat retention. So, the question of how a solar pool cover works have been answered in this article. Moreover, a solar pool cover comes with a bulky weight, enabling them to increase the pool’s temperature naturally.

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