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IN OUR VIEW: Summit project full steam ahead

U.S. Congressional Support of the Texas Clean Energy Project

9/14/12 Odessa American -Big news for not just Odessa but the rest of West Texas came from what is now an international project.

Summit Power group last week cleared another hurdle after introducing major new participants to assist with the $2.5 billion Texas Clean Energy Project (TCEP), moving the project closer to construction at nearby Penwell.

The latest milestone came when a delegation from Odessa met with a delegation from China during the 12th Annual U.S. China Oil & Gas Industry Forum in San Antonio. A “memorandum of understanding” was signed by officials from Summit, Sinopec Engineering Group (SEG) and the Export-Import Bank of China or Chexim.

Summit announces Chinese alliance

9/12/12 Odessa American – Summit Power Group has cleared yet another hurdle after introducing major new participants that will assist with funding of the Texas Clean Energy Project, moving the project closer to construction.

On Tuesday, a delegation from Odessa met with a delegation from China during the 12th Annual U.S. China Oil & Gas Industry Forum in San Antonio and as a result, the Texas Clean Energy Project is one step closer to breaking ground in Penwell.

Clean coal-fired power project gains financing, EPC partners

9/12/12 Power Engineering - Summit Power Group said two additional companies will help with financing and construction of the planned 200 MW Texas Clean Energy Project.

Sinopec Engineering Group and The Export-Import Bank of China (Chexim) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Summit for the TCEP, including a new engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract with Sinopec for TCEP’s gasification and chemical block.

Obama Administration Announces Clean Coal Research Awards for Universities across the Country

6/08/12 - As part of President Obama’s all-of-the-above approach to American energy, the Energy Department announced that nine universities have won awards for research projects that will continue to support innovation and development of clean coal technologies.

This announcement shows growing momentum for CCS in the U.S. For example, earlier this year, CPS Energy of San Antonio – the largest municipally owned utility in the United States – signed the first agreement in the country to purchase low-carbon power from a commercial-scale coal-based power plant with carbon capture. The Midland-Odessa- based project – the Texas Clean Energy Project – will be the cleanest coal power plant in the world when it becomes operational in 2015.

San Antonio’s Progress Reviewed One Year Later

6/05/12 by San Antonio Express News – A year ago five clean energy companies, more than 200 jobs, a commitment to energy demand reduction and an investment in local education were showcased as the foundation of a new energy economy.  The Texas Clean Energy Project is a part of the progress.

Pamela Tomski Authors Brief on Summit Power Group’s Texas Clean Energy Project

5/14/12 by The Atlantic Council – In the spring 2012 edition of Energy Focus, Energy and Environment Program senior fellow Pamela Tomski profiles Summit Power Group’s Texas Clean Energy Project (TCEP).

The future of coal in USA: Texas focus

4/25/12 by  Zero Emissions Resource Organisation – At the end of last month, America’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed limits on carbon emissions from any new power plants to be built in the country. The Texas Clean Energy Project (TCEP), being developed by Summit Power Group, had already worked CCS and integrated coal gasification technology into its plans before the EPA ruling hit the headlines.

Laura Miller and Brad Crabtree:  A common-sense energy, environment solution 

3/11/12 By Earth Techling – GrandForksHerald.Com— Amidst an increasingly contentious and partisan energy debate, an unlikely coalition of utility and energy executives, state officials and labor and environmental advocates has come together in common purpose: to expand American oil production through a proven technique called carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery, or CO2-EOR.

Earth Techling Carbon Capture Article Highlights CPS & TCEP 

2/02/12 By Earth Techling – In her article titled ‘Carbon Capture Takes Center Stage In 2012′, Susan Kraemer highlights the power purchase agreement between CPS Energy of San Antonio and Summit Power’s Texas Clean Energy Project as she predicts that 2012 will be the year carbon capture advances toward practical utilization.

Schneider Describes Carbon Capture & Sequestration As ‘Now’ Technologies

2/02/12 By E&E TV – E&E TV’s OnPoint host Monica Trauzzi asks the Clean Air Task Force’s Conrad Schneider whether proposed NSPS rules for new coal plant construction was ‘putting the cart before the horse’.  In his response, Scheider states that the three key components of CCS are ‘now’ technologies and The Texas Clean Energy Project was one of four projects he sited as implementations slated for the near future.  Please visit E&E TV for the complete interview entitled ‘Clean Air Task Force’s Schneider discusses latest delay on NSPS‘.

Utility To Purchase Electricity From Innovative DOE-Supported Clean Coal Project

1/18/12 By States News Service – An innovative clean coal technology project in Texas will supply electricity to the largest municipally owned utility in the United States under a recently signed Power Purchase Agreement, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced today.

Summit Power Group nears construction of Penwell power plant

12/11/11 – With its list of “t’s” to cross and “i’s” to dot dwindling, officials with Summit Power Group expect to break ground on its Texas Clean Energy Project in the coming months.

Energy Department to stress funding for carbon capture, use and storage absent climate legislation, official says

10/26/11 Houston Chronicle – The Department of Energy will emphasize funding for carbon capture, sequestration and utilization research and projects as a way to “move the needle” on climate change in the coming decade in the absence of climate legislation, a top official said.

Summit: Just a few hurdles left

10/2/11 OAOnline – The news of the approval of a federal grant for Summit Power Group’s Texas Clean Energy Project is moving the process forward and only a handful of hurdles are left to get the project up and running.

Summit Project almost to the top, reaches major milestone

9/28/11 OAOnline – The Department of Energy announced Tuesday that $450 million in federal funding has been approved to help build the Texas Clean Energy Project, a major hurdle in getting the project, developed by Summit Power Group, off the ground.

Summit project manager speaks at Chamber banquet

9/23/11 OAOnline – Before she even said a single word, Laura Miller was greeted with a standing ovation at the Odessa Chamber Commerce’s annual banquet Thursday evening.

Texas Clean Energy Project to sell CO2 to Whiting

9/14/11 Cleanovation Conference 2011 - Cris Eugster, CPS Vice-President Sustainability, mentioned The Texas Clean Energy Project in his keynote for Cleanovation .

SUMMIT: Housing shortage imminent

7/29/11 OAOnline – More than 2,000 workers will be needed during the construction phase of Summit Power’s Texas Clean Energy Project. With a housing shortage already under way due to the area’s booming oil economy, finding a place to live may be tough for workers.

Texas Clean Energy Project to sell CO2 to Whiting

7/20/11 MyWestTexasTexas.Com - With purchase contracts for all three byproducts expected from its Texas Clean Energy Project being developed near Penwell, Summit Power Group moves closer to making the project a reality.

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Switching The Energy Economy Of San Antonio

7/8/11 – NPR – Ira Flatow discusses the future of energy in San Antonio, TX on NPR’s Talk Of The Nation .


Technology, Politics Continue to Plague Much-Hyped Clean Coal

7/7/11 New West Energy - The Texas Clean Energy Project is given a positive mention in an article that casts doubts on coal energy.

Big Summit milestone checked off list

6/20/11 OA Online -The search for an electricity customer for the Summit Texas Clean Power Energy project is over…

Commissioners give tax abatement to Summit coal gasification plant

05/24/11 – OA Online -  Ector County commissioners approved the Summit Texas Clean Energy project’s 10-year tax abatement at its Monday meeting….

Residents Chime in on Clean Coal Burning Power Plant in Penwell

04/06/11 – NewsWest 9 - ODESSA–The Texas Clean Energy Project has come a long way from the day of the original announcement that West Texas would be getting a clean coal bur…

Summit Power approaches Midland County about right of way use for pipelines

03/28/11 – Midland Reporter-Telegram - Summit Power Group will look to utilize the city of Midland’s waste water to help fuel power generation at its planned Texas Clean Energy project, off…

West Texas plant offers energy and pollution solutions

02/15/11 – WFAA Chanel 8 - What if every time you flipped a switch, you could help produce oil? In a world where every source of electricity has some environmental drawback, ma…

IGCC – Hot Things On The Horizon

01/26/11 – GreenTech Blog - The largest and arguably most revolutionary carbon sequestration project is slated to break ground in Texas this fall and the Pacific Northwest has …

Don Hodel explains the viability of coal gasification technology

01/21/11 – Living Energy - Using integrated gasification combined-cycle technology from Siemens, the Texas Clean Energy Project, which is scheduled to begin operating by 2014, w…

Carbon Dioxide, the Bane of Environmentalists, Is in Demand in the Oil Industry

01/06/11 – NY Times - The Obama administration views carbon dioxide as a pollutant that warms the earth, and it imposed new regulations at the beginning of the year to begi…

West Texas ‘clean coal’ plant leaps big obstacle

12/30/10 – Fort Worth Star-Telegram - A proposed $2.2 billion “clean coal” plant in West Texas has leapt a major regulatory hurdle, receiving approval from the Texas Commission…

TCEQ Grants Permit for 2nd Carbon-Capturing Coal Plant

12/29/10 – Texas Energy Report - The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality yesterday issued an air quality permit for the planned 400-megawatt power plant in Odessa that promises …

An Interview With Former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller

09/01/10 – Texas Tribune - The latest incarnation of Laura Miller? Energy nerd. The muckraking reporter turned confrontational Dallas City Council member and then mayor has set …

Summit Power begins FEED study for Texas IGCC-CCS project

07/30/10 – EnergyNews24.Com - The Summit Power Group has launched a pre-construction FEED study for its Texas Clean Energy Project (TCEP), located in Penwell, Texas….

$350 million grant goes to coal project

12/05/09 – Dallas Morning News - A West Texas coal gasification power plant led by former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller has won a $350 million federal grant. The coal plant was proposed b…

Stiff Competition For $1B Under CCPI Round III

09/28/09 – GHG Transaction Technologies - Competition is fierce for the $1 billion available for carbon capture and storage projects available through Round III of the Department of Energy&rsq…

Summit seeks grant for clean coal power plant near Penwell

09/26/09 – Midland Reporter-Telegram - Summit Power Group announced Friday it has applied for a federal grant under the Clean Coal Power Initiative Round 3 program, which had a deadline of …

Stimulus funds sought for West Texas coal project

03/24/09 – Dallas Morning News - Texas lawmakers are pressing the U.S. Department of Energy to send up to $1.2 billion in stimulus funds to West Texas to help build a coal-fired power…

States Vie for Share of Clean-Coal Cash

03/23/09 – WSJ - The federal government is once again dangling billions of dollars for “clean coal” projects, sparking a high-stakes lobbying effort among di…

Texans seek stimulus dollars for West Texas coal plant

03/23/09 – Houston Chronicle - Lawmakers from Texas are pushing the Department of Energy to use federal dollars from the economic stimulus package to propel the development of a &qu…

Texas is taking a greater interest in global warming

03/21/09 – Dallas Morning News - Global warming has been a nearly forbidden phrase in the Texas Capitol. But that might be changing….

Pros, cons of gasification weighed locally and around the country

03/14/09 – - Gasification technology, touted as a cleaner alternative for a $3 billion power plant in Corpus Christi, is the chosen method for a plant proposed in …

Clean Coal A Good Goal For This Session

01/21/09 – Dallas Morning News - After coal fired energy plants became a topic of hot debate in the 2007 legislative session, discussions have returned as the State Of Texas conside…

Seliger proposes clean coal bill

01/16/09 – Amarillo Globe-News - The State of Texas was the first state to consider incentives for a large scale clean coal power initiative. …

West Texas Senate, House members push for incentives for clean coal plant in Odessa

01/16/09 – Midland Reporter-Telegram - Legislation promoting the construction of a clean coal power generation plant near Odessa was filed in the state Senate Thursday, and if passed throug…

Seliger files bill that promotes clean coal power

01/15/09 – ConnectAmarillo.Com - State Senator Kel Seliger (R-Amarillo) today filed Senate Bill 483 to promote the construction of large-scale clean coal power generation facilities c…

Texas Legislature to Revive Clean Coal Debate

01/12/09 – Dallas Morning News - The Texas Legislature considers reviving the issue of whether to give tax breaks to companies building cleaner, coal-fired power plants …

Old King Coal

07/28/08 – Forbes - “It could be a landmark event; if it’s just a disaster, it could be my epitaph,” laughs Donald P. Hodel. He’s referring to his $2.8 billion …

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