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Summit Power Group nears construction of Penwell power plant
12/11/11 – With its list of “t’s” to cross and “i’s” to dot dwindling, officials with Summit Power Group expect to break ground on its Texas Clean Energy Project in the coming months.

Energy Department to stress funding for carbon capture, use and storage absent climate legislation, official says
10/26/11 Houston Chronicle – The Department of Energy will emphasize funding for carbon capture, sequestration and utilization research and projects as a way to “move the needle” on climate change in the coming decade in the absence of climate legislation, a top official said.

Summit: Just a few hurdles left
10/2/11 OAOnline – The news of the approval of a federal grant for Summit Power Group’s Texas Clean Energy Project is moving the process forward and only a handful of hurdles are left to get the project up and running.

Fiscal Times Examines Clean Coal Financing
9/29/11 Fiscal Times In a recent article, The Fiscal Times took a deep look at the funding challenges faced by clean coal projects in America.  The Summit Power Group’s leadership team is credited for The Texas Clean Energy Project being the exception.

Summit Project almost to the top, reaches major milestone
9/28/11 OAOnline – The Department of Energy announced Tuesday that $450 million in federal funding has been approved to help build the Texas Clean Energy Project, a major hurdle in getting the project, developed by Summit Power Group, off the ground.

Summit project manager speaks at Chamber banquet
9/23/11 OAOnline – Before she even said a single word, Laura Miller was greeted with a standing ovation at the Odessa Chamber Commerce’s annual banquet Thursday evening.

SUMMIT: Housing shortage imminent
7/29/11 OAOnline – More than 2,000 workers will be needed during the construction phase of Summit Power’s Texas Clean Energy Project. With a housing shortage already under way due to the area’s booming oil economy, finding a place to live may be tough for workers.

Texas Clean Energy Project to sell CO2 to Whiting
7/20/11 Midland Reporter-Telegram – With purchase contracts for all three byproducts expected from its Texas Clean Energy Project being developed near Penwell, Summit Power Group moves closer to making the project a reality.

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Switching The Energy Economy Of San Antonio
7/8/11 – NPR – Ira Flatow discusses the future of energy in San Antonio, TX on NPR’s Talk Of The Nation.

Technology, Politics Continue to Plague Much-Hyped Clean Coal
7/7/11 New West Energy – The Texas Clean Energy Project is given a positive mention in an article that casts doubts on coal energy.

Featured Video from CPS Energy Event
CPS Energy announced 5 partnerships that will bring jobs and investment to San Antonio.

Big Summit milestone checked off list
6/20/11 OA Online – The search for an electricity customer for the Summit Texas Clean Power Energy project is over.

Commissioners give tax abatement to Summit coal gasification plant
05/24/11 – OA Online –  Ector County commissioners approved the Summit Texas Clean Energy project’s 10-year tax abatement at its Monday meeting.

Residents Chime in on Clean Coal Burning Power Plant in Penwell
04/06/11 – NewsWest 9 – ODESSA–The Texas Clean Energy Project has come a long way from the day of the original announcement that West Texas would be getting a clean coal burning power plant.

Summit Power approaches Midland County about right of way use for pipelines
03/28/11 – Midland Reporter-Telegram – Summit Power Group will look to utilize the city of Midland’s waste water to help fuel power generation at its planned Texas Clean Energy project, officials said Monday.

West Texas plant offers energy and pollution solutions
02/15/11 – WFAA Chanel 8 – What if every time you flipped a switch, you could help produce oil?

Coal Gasification: Power over Pollution
01/21/11 – Living Energy – Using integrated gasification combined-cycle technology from Siemens, the Texas Clean Energy Project, which is scheduled to begin operating by 2014, will feature a coal-based power plant boasting fewer emissions than the cleanest natural gas power plant in existence.

Carbon Dioxide, the Bane of Environmentalists, Is in Demand in the Oil Industry
01/06/11 – NY Times – The Obama administration views carbon dioxide as a pollutant that warms the earth, and it imposed new regulations at the beginning of the year to beginning of the year to begin to control CO2 emissions.

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